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Can you name the Castle Episode based on trivia?

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HintEpisode NameEpisode Number
A copy cat killer is on the streets of New York
Castle makes pancakes
Castle thinks Beckett should moonlight
Beckett teams up with an old boyfriend to save a kid's life
Castle buys a bar
Castle learns about Beckett's mother for the first time
Grey's Anatomy references
Beckett goes Russian
Beckett gets a new boyfriend while working a case
Castle and Beckett cuddle - or do they?
Castle and Beckett go on a non-date
Beckett likes to feel shiney
Things get too meta for Castle
Beckett wants to make Little Castle Babies
Beckett rethinks sprinkles
Becket goes for sexy
Restraining order!
They know who the killer is
Castle is reunited with the other KB
People love the underbelly
HintEpisode NameEpisode Number
Lanie calls Esposito 'baby' at a crime scene
Poker and gummy bears
First learn Beckett's call number (One Lincoln Forty)
Casle gets friendly with a wordsmith
Beckett stops the elevator
Martha meets an old coworker
Beckett makes Breakfast for Castle
The title /Naked Heat' is revealed
Castle looks through a man's medicine cabinet
Time is running out
Castle wants to time Lanie's showers
Beckett gets reunited with an old mentor
Castle has his first gun battle
Detective Kate Castle
Falling for the Lazy Susan
Oh the joys of corrupt politicians
Beckett dows something with ice cubes
Castle says Beckett's name in bed
Beckett shows interest in a riverside loft in Hoboken
HintEpisode NameEpisode Number
Tea party with cats
First time we meet Jim Beckett
Castle mistakes gum for a cyanide capsule
Beckett pulls Castle's ear for the first time
Beckett catches the ball...Castle fumbles
Castle and Beckett get arrested - sort of
Castle is metrosexual
We learn Castle's given name
To the extraordinary KB and all my friends at the 12th
Alexis accuses someone of Muse Thievery
Beckett's tennis pose
Montgomery makes a stand
Ruh Roh
Alexis comes to the Precinct and doesn't want to leave
Beckett takes Castle out for a movie
Castle comes close to death
Beckett is Castle's work wife
Alexis talks AT Castle

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