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Can you name the Modified Subtitles of the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones films?

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PlotNew Title
A story of the first generation of fiery birds.
A man discovers a country whose inhabitants are gifted in making translucent jewelry.
The queen's son makes animal sacrifices.
A town is overrun by hermits.
A magical omelet is made.
A story of two rival oarsmen.
An emperor returns to his people with a long gait.
A man goes on a personal mission to help everyone be more prepared for grocery trips.
A group of hockey moms band together.
A boy climbs a tree and uncovers many mysteries along the way.
PlotNew Title
A ghost who is excellent with a ball-point (note: two hyphenated words)
The Catholic Church elects a pontiff.
A string of murders all occur on farmer's unused fields.
A band of thieves goes on a mission to help an amputated man.
A story of the most famous occupant of the jail in Azka Bay.
A shrine is devoted to old-fashioned sewing instruments.
A reunion of Arkansas cousins with the same first name.
A family is plagued by a sinister, yet apathetic exhalation.
A man accidentally ignites the internal organs of a chicken.
A museum is relieved to find that an ancient Chinese vase is coming back for display.

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