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Can you name all the 45 shades of green?

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ClueShadeExtra hint
Granny Smith
Vegetable/ species of thistle
Long stem vegetable
Light is......
Created for web developers
Halfway between yellow and green
Black is......1st word: Dark
2nd word: A small seeded vegetable1st word: Dark
2nd word: A bunny season1st word: Dark
2nd part of the word: What you eat with1st part: Dart
Type of leaf
A huge group of trees
The easiest one
Mix of green and yellow
Another name for a jester
ClueShadeExtra hint
1st part of word: Bees make it2nd part of word: dew
A person that looks to find and kill living thingsNot a poacher
Country famous for curries
An abrahamic, monotheistic religion
A massive group of large trees with a big array of different animals
American for garden
A fruit closely resembling the lemon Psst it doesn't have 'green' at the end
A fruit closely resembling the lemonOpposite of above^^^
A green bug with long arms'Praying.......'
It's a universityGood luck
After Eights and gum usually have this herb in them
2nd word: Don't be lactose intolerant when you eat this1st word: The above answer
A place in a building where one works
A small seeded vegetableFor the third time
1st word: A small seeded vegetable2nd word: Drab
ClueShadeExtra hint
The sixth most populous country
Where is the Eiffel Tower?
A southwestern Iranian language
Shortened version of Phthalocyanine Green G
1st part of the word: Farm animal2nd part of the word: ment
Type of tree
Type of nut in a shell
A large body of water
2nd part of the word: A bigger pebble1st part of the word: Sham
1st word: Flower season2nd word: Part of the flower
Growing season
Similar to medium blue
Dark shade of spring greenYeah.....it is a toughy
Mix of yellow and green
A vegetable with a big seed

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