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The main character of this series (he's a bear)
His mother
His father
His best friend
A close friend who is fond of practical jokes
Very greedy & often lazy he often makes fun of Ruperts tales
An elephant friend of Rupert
An exotic Chinese character who has settled into Nutwood
A timid friend who is small and mousy
The mischievousness daughter of the Chinese Conjourer
A friend who often gets into trouble for doing something he shouldn't
The identical fox brothers who often like to play tricks on Rupert
Her family bought the old Manor and she attends Ruperts school
Another pair of twins who are timid and get scared by strange things
A bright friend of Rupert who likes to invent things
Nephew of the Wise Old Goat
A duck-like character who is very rarely seen
Another pair of twins whos family moved into a house near Ruperts
The school bully who teases Rupert and his friends
Ruperts early tormenter at school
He lives in a tower on the outskirts of Nutwood. Forever inventing flying machines and other contraptions
The faithful servant of the professor
Nutwoods policeman
Middle-aged semi-retired sailor. Owns a motorcycle
Lives in a remote castle near Nutwood. Well versed in the properties of plants and herbs
The man from China who has considerable magic powers and a pagoda full of trap doors and secret rooms
Nutwoods oldest inhabitant.
This man lives in a big house, plays golf and looks like George V
Nutwoods village Doctor
Nutwoods schoolmaster
A long-suffering widow who lives in a tumbledown cottage
A retired finacier
Nutwoods resident farmer
A scarecrow that can talk and spends most of his time in the fields near Nutwood
The ones responsible for awakening the plants after winter
The ones responsible for the trees shedding their leaves in Autumn
'a kind of troll' very bad tempered and lives in the roots of a big tree that has been blown over in a storm
He lives in a hollow tree in the forest near Nutwood Common
A talking Hedgehog
Podgy Pigs cousin
A traditional country mouse character who is adventurous
A little girl from lapland
A wise old man who lives on Um Island, home to the last herd of Unicorns
The son of King Frost
The daughter of King Frost and very mischevious
Delinquent nephew of King Frost
Ruperts uncle who is a doctor
Ruperts uncle who lives in an igloo in the Frozen North
Ruperts anti-social uncle who lives in the Arizona Mountains
Ruperts uncle who lives in the forest, collects mushrooms and plays the balalaika
Ruperts aunt who is married to a farmer named Ben
Ruperts cousin of said aunt
A little girl who became Ruperts companion in early stories
The gypsy boy who lives in a traditional painted caravan and is constantly on the move
Accident prone character who dropped in (literally)
Ruperts Australian friend
A mischievous pet monkey that was given to Rupert by Mary Tourtal
An ancient sea captain that lives in Rocky Bay
A special freind of Rupert who has the tail of a fish
One of Rocky Bays Beachcombers
Ruler of the seas who lives in a Coral Palace
A creature that lives in the Serpentine Islands. Much friendlier than he appears
A toucan thats the ruler of all birds
An administrator who regulates Nutwoods weather
He lives in a castle in the clouds near the North Pole
A jester and riddle writer
A nasty character who tries to kidnap the merboy
A traditional character who appears on hourglasses and old clocks

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