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Angela also lived at the time of the ____ (religious changes)
Ursula agreed to get married on the conditions that she and 11,000 companions take a ___
The name Ursula means...
Which group martyred Ursula and her companions?
How old was Angela when she formed her order?
What word do you find on the Ursuline crest?
St. Ursula was born in...
While on her pilgrimage, Angela experienced ___
Angela's mother, father and ____ died by the time she was a teenager
Angela's father would tell her stories of ____ by the fireplace.
Angela went to live with her _____
She wrote this as a guide for those entering the order: The ___
Angela's name means...
Sometimes Angela would get in trouble and fined for...
In what city did she found her order?
She heard God calling her to form the _______ of St. Ursula
Their trip would lead them to ___ (city)
What constellation is on the Ursuline crest?
This person accompanied Ursula for a short time on her mission.
The oldest Ursuline school in the U.S.A. is the one in ... (city)
Angela became a member of the 3rd order of St. ____
Angela's feast day is in the month of...
Who did she choose as her patron saint?
In what country did her life end?
Angela was born around the year...
They were made to renounce their faith and their ____ or die.
Pope Clement VII asked her to take charge of an order of ___ sisters
St. Ursula's parents were hoping for a ___ baby
Angela took a pilgrimage to the ___ ___
In what century was Ursula born
Angela was worried because her sister died without receiving the...
Angela was born in what country?
Angela lived at the time of the ___ (meaning rebirth)
When a saint is depicted with palm branches, it symbolizes that he or she is a ___
She was the daughter of a ____ (her father)

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