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Where is sonny's home town
Who is the actress that plays sonny?
Who hides in a tomb?
What is the name of a smelly dog who stars in a so random sketch?
What is the name of the manager's daughter?
what is the name of the song that sonny sing in the episode 'sonny with a song'?
What is the name of chad dylan cooper's stunt double?
What color is sonny's eyes?
Where did sonny and chad go on their first date together?
What is tawni's favourite lipstick that she wears all the time?
What is Monday called because of the food they eat?
What is the name of the show in the studio next to so random?
What is the opening song called?
What is the name of the lawyer that zora plays?
Who is their teacher?
Who is a special guest that appears in season 1 to play the role as sonny in chad's show?
What is the syndrome they are diagnosed with when they are doing a walk-a-thon for books?
What is grady's brother called?
What does it say on the billboard that chad made for sonny after ruining their first date?
What is the song called that chad made for dakota on her birthday?
Who guest stars in season 2 and sings with sonny?
In the last episode what is the name of the random's new hangout place?
Who is so random's manager?
Who got caught eating yogurt from the yogurt machine in the canteen?

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