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highest individual scoring in a playoff game 63
Only player to have 4 blocks on one playnone
Most assists in a game30
Who was the first ever lottery picknone
Who scored a 100 points in one gamenone
Only player ever to have a quaduple double with stealsnone
Longest Losing Streak24
Highest PPG in a playoff series46.3
Who has scored the most points in one quarter33
Most Defensive Player of year 4
Last player drafted in teh 2nd round to make be selcted for an all star gamenone
Only player to win the finals MVP and not win the championshipnone
Most free throws attemptedin a game39
Longest Winning Streak33 (team)
Most Blocks in one single game17
On the dream team only two players were not placed on the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History, name onenone
NBA Finals record for points in a game61
Only player to average a triple double for a seasonnone
In the 1984 draft who was the 2nd pickJordan was 3rd
Highest Perfect three point shooting9

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