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Who was Newt named after?
Who burned down the map room?
Who is the keeper of the cooks?
Who was the glader to get exiled from the glade after being stung by a griever?
Who is the keeper of the runners?
What does Jorge threaten to cut off of Minho after he and Thomas meet?
Who leads Thomas through the tunnels while being chased by Cranks?
Where do Thomas and Brenda sleep before they attend the 'party'?
Who chooses not to get their memories back from WICKED?
Who kisses Teresa in front of Thomas in order to make him feel betrayed?
'Rose took my ____, I suppose.'
Who is the author of the series?
What are the gladers trying to reach during the Scorch Trials?
What nickname do the gladers give Jansen?
Who figures out the last of the code in the griever hole to deactivate the grievers?
What does WICKED stand for?
What is the name for the illness that turns victims into Cranks?
What did Newt's tattoo label him as?
What is the process a person goes through after being stung by a griever?
What is the name of the man Brenda seeks out hoping he can remove the Swipes?

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