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Common NameFamilyOrder
Canada GooseAnseriformes
Wood Duckanseriformes
Green-winged tealanseriformes
northern shoveleranseriformes
ringed-necked duckanseriformes
northern pintailanseriformes
lesser scaupanseriformes
ruddy duckanseriformes
northern bobwhiteGalliformes
common loongalliformes
pied-billed grebepodicipediformes
american white pelicanpelecaniformes
brown pelecanpelecaniformes
black-crowned night heronpelecaniformes
tricolored heronpelecaniformes
little blue heronpelecaniformes
snowy egretpelecaniformes
great egretpelecaniformes
great blue heronpelecaniformes
white ibispelecaniformes
glossy ibispelecaniformes
double-crested cormorantsuliformes
turkey vultureaccipitriformes
black vultureaccipitriformes
norther harrieraccipitriformes
bald eagleaccipitriformes
red-shouldered hawkaccipitriformes
Common NameFamilyOrder
red-tailed hawkaccipitriformes
american kestrelfalconiformes
common moorhengruiformes
american cootgruiformes
laughing gullcharadriiformes
ring-billed gullcharadriformes
forster's terncharadriformes
rock pigeoncolumbiformes
mourning dovecolumbiformes
belted kingfishercoraciiformes
red-headed woodpeckerpiciformes
red-bellied woodpeckerpiciformes
yellow-bellied sapsuckerpiciformes
red-cockaded woodpeckerpiciformes
downy woodpeckerpiciformes
hairy woodpeckerpiciformes
eastern phoebePasseriformes
loggerhead shrikePasseriformes
blue jayPasseriformes
american crowPasseriformes
fish crowPasseriformes
purple martinPasseriformes
tufted titmousePasseriformes
carolina chickadeePasseriformes
white-breasted nuthatchPasseriformes
brown-headed nuthatchPasseriformes
brown creeperPasseriformes
Common NameFamilyOrder
carolina wrenPasseriformes
ruby-crowned kingletPasseriformes
golden-crowned kingletPasseriformes
eastern bluebirdPasseriformes
hermit thrushPasseriformes
american robinPasseriformes
northern mockingbirdPasseriformes
brown thrasherPasseriformes
european starlingPasseriformes
cedar waxwingPasseriformes
yellow-rumped warblerPasseriformes
black-and-white warblerPasseriformes
pine warblerPasseriformes
common yellowthroatPasseriformes
eastern towheePasseriformes
bachman's sparrowPasseriformes
chipping sparrowPasseriformes
vesper sparrow Passeriformes
savannah sparrowPasseriformes
song sparrowPasseriformes
white throated sparrowPasseriformes
dark-eyed juncoPasseriformes
northern cardinalPasseriformes
red-winged blackbirdPasseriformes
common grackePasseriformes
boat-tailed gracklePasseriformes
house finchPasseriformes
american goldfinchPasseriformes

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