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How did Barney and Ted meet?
What state is Marshall from?
What is Lily's nickname for Marshall?
What is Marshall's nickname for Lily?
What is Lily's occupation?
What actor does the voice of 'future Ted'?
What does Barney always say to Ted before meeting?
How many children does 'future Ted' have?
What colored instrument did Ted steal for Robin?
What is the nickname for Marshall's doppelganger?
Who is Robin's doppelganger?
Who is Lily's doppelganger?
What is it called when the date leaves the room and you get completely naked?
What is the name of the dating rule in which Barney created? (You may leave the date in the first 5 min.)
What did Lily get arrested for?
What is the type of bet not including money or prize but a **** to the face?
What is the name of the movie created about Ted by Tony Grafanello?

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