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Can you name the missing word from The Killers' lyrics?

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The ________ tide can't hide a guilty girl.
Will the ________ keep on giving?
Under the ____ of the southwest sun.
There is a _______ on my doorstep.
Leave your ______ on the locker.
I scrambled ______ and know that I will never be calm and well.
Anointed by the _____, I take the reins.
A coffee shop with a _____.
Take your ____ off when you're talkin' to me.
All that stands between the _____ release.
I'm going to climb that ________ home.
The sun is going down, _________ is near.
I was falling back on _______ when you told me about your heart.
And you _____ and you bleed while I sing my song.
But now I've found the ______ sun.
I've got this ______ beneath my feet.
With your _________ tongue, you licked your lips and lied.
Silently __________ turns my world to stone.
Are you _______ by the sound?
In those ugly pink __________ with the hustlers and the kids.
I feel my ______ slipping in and out of focus.
Remember what they said in ____.
Next thing I know they ______ from my bed.
I said my ________ ain't got no heart.
Blanket on the ____, backs against the windshield.

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