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Can you name the geographic features of Qinghai Province?

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HintNameChinese Name
River running SE, just S of Qilian mtns
Prov. S of Jianzha on Longwu River
Prov. NE of Xining btw Datonghe and Huangshui
Prov. E of Pingan, dir S of Huangshui
Prov. S of Ledu, N of Xunhua, in Laji Mtns
Prov. NW of Xunhua on Yellow River
River running east, south of Laji mtns
E/W mountain range north of Yellow RIver
Prov. SE of Ledu, dir S of Huangshui
River running north to intersect Yellow River
Prov. E of Xining, dir N of Huangshui
HintNameChinese Name
Prov. W of Jianzha on Yellow River
Mountain range along northeast border
Large city E of lake
Prov. E of Jianzha on Yellow River
River running from lake
Prov. N of Huangyuan
Prov. W of Xining, N of Huangshui
Big lake in the middle
N/S mountain range, south of lake
Large mtn range in Western Qinghai
Province directly SW of Xining

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