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Please **** all over me, I love itCuddlemonster
Paint it black (Cover)A cold blooded epitaph (EP)
Eating the porridge and killing the bearsEverythings watched everything
In search of wordsSo dark the crown of man (EP)
Slave of my artSlave of my art
A dance with Aera CuraVows for a massacre (EP)
Some like to bleedAmong flies
Manifest the pestilence The race of faceless liars (EP)
Bringers of deathMetal swim
An autopsyAkeldama
It's not safe to swim to dayThe common man's collapse
Burned aliveEnter the grave
Denim on denim hate crimeLey lines
Say goodbyeMusic for the recently deceased
The serpents tongueGuardians
Microscopic view of a telescopic realmMicroscopic view of a telescopic realm
The crystal skullBlood Mountain
Disco KriegYou never get a cannibal **** twice

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