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Can you name the parts of the movie from 'Happy Gilmore'?

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What is the name of guy who hits Happy with a car in the final tournament?
What is Virginia's last name?
What is Virginia's occupation?
What is the name of Happy's girlfriend in the beginning of the movie?
How much money does Shooter buy Happy's grandma's house for?
What kind of drink does Shooter ask Virginia to get for him?
What is the name of Happy's first tournament?
What other golfer does Happy play with at the Waterbury open?
How much money does Happy's grandma owe the IRS?
Who is the actor that plays the cruel manager in the retirement home?
Chubbs gives Happy a putter. What brand is it?
What song is played during Happy and Virginia's date in the hockey rink?
Who did Happy have a crush on when he was young?
What is the name of Happy's old boss who he shot with a nail gun?
Shooter fires his caddy because he suggested what club for a chip shot?
Who is the head of the Professional Golfer's Tour?
What kind of car hits Happy in his tournament?
Shooter didn't care about Happy's performance because he was too busy _________?
What number does Happy wear in his hockey tryout?
What country does Happy's mom move to because she hates hockey?
What is the name of the golfer who explains to Happy the 'harness engery, block bad' method?
Happy's jobs consisted of: road worker, janitor, security guard, gas station attendant, and a _______.
how many more days until Happy's next hockey tryouts?
What hockey jersey does Happy wear in some of his tournaments?
How much money does Happy offer the retirement home manager for extra help for his grandma?
About how far away is the house where Happy hits the man and woman with a golf ball?
Happy gets hit with balls in the batting cage at what speed (mph)?
What does Shooter suggest would be a good job for Happy?
What celebrity does Happy fight with in the Pro-Am?
What hole does Shooter tell Happy to meet him at, at 9:00?
Who is the former golf pro who teaches Happy?
What animal does Happy fight in the pond at the golf course?
At the end of the movie, Happy waves to three figures in the sky: Chubbs, an alligator, and ________?
What color hair does Happy's first caddy have?
Happy's construction boss bends what club of Shooters?
What is the occupation of Happy's girlfriend from the beginning of the movie?
What score does Happy make on his playoff hole with Shooter?
What food chain is Happy sponsored by?
What is the color of the jacket worn by the tour championship winners?
What score does Shooter make on his playoff hole with Happy?

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