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Double barrel twelve gauge bigger than Chris Wallace. Pissed off, cuz Biggie and Pac just missed all thisEminem
Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns. As I crush so-called willies, thugs, and rapper-donsNotorious B.I.G.
If you get high I got weed. And if you get drunk I got vodka. And if you want base I got popcorn like Orville ReddenbacherThe LOX (Sheek Louch)
Rae got it going on pal, call me the rap assassinator. Rhymes rugged and built like SchwarzeneggerWu-Tang Clan (Raekwon)
My own mama say I'm thugged out. My sh*t be bumpin out the record store as if it was a drug house2Pac
I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell. I am a hustler baby, I'll sell water to a wellJay-Z
It's the bow to the wow, creepin and crawlin. Yiggy yes y'allin, Snoop Doggy Dogg'inSnoop Doggy Dogg
I can make an avalanche, and I aint talkin Chevy trucks. Call me 'Georgia lottery', cuz I be talkin mega bucksYoung Jeezy
Homie if I could make '94 today, I'd tell Eazy and Dre to bring back N.W.A.The Game
Now wait, another dose and you might be dead. And I'm a Nike head, I wear chains that excite the fedsNas
Now I'm trollin the dove, sittin on swoll. 27 years old, off on parole, strollDr Dre
My skin is thick, cuz I be up in the mix of action if I'm not at home, puffin lye, relaxinMobb Deep (Prodigy)
The flow pro poetical, with skills only a vet'll know. Better know where's the wetter flow that's on point like decimalsNaughty By Nature
I'm the inspiration of a whole generation. And unless you got 10 sticky fingers, its straight imitation, a figment of your imaginationOnyx (Sticky Fingaz)
My folk gon trap until they come up with another plan. Stack and crumble bread to get theyself off they mama landT.I.

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