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Can you name the facts about Human Evolution?

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describe plesiadapiformes
plesiadapiform example
Adapid example
Adapid location
Adapid characteristics
Omomyoid location
Omomyoid example
Omomyoid characteristics
fayuum family 1 (oligocene)
(stem anthropoid)  
what is a proteopithecid?
fayuum family 2 (oligocene)
stem anthropoid 
what is a parapithecid?
describe parapithecids
fayuum family 3 (oligocene)
early catarrhine 
what is a propliopithecid
describe propliopithecids
early miocene form 1
date and location
describe proconsul
early miocene form 2
describe afropithecus
date and location
middle miocene 1
date and location
possible earliest hominoid?
europe 12-9mya 
kenya 16-14mya 
s. europe 11-7mya 
late miocene
date and location
Au. anamensis
Ar. ramidus
Ar. kadabba
O. tugenensis
S. tchadensis
Au. bahrelghazalia
lucy teeth in CA 
Au. garhi
chewer dentition but prognathic 
K. platyops
remarkably flat face 
A. afarensis
describe afarensis
A. africanus
describe africanus
A. aethiopicus
describe aethiopicus
A. robustus
describe robustus
A. boisei
describe boisei
describe habilis
describe large habilis
describe small habilis
habilis tools
describe erectus
all over china, java, EA and SA, etc 
asian erectus
african erectus
EA erectus with asian features
erectus tools
erectus subsistence
H. antecessor
modern face, predates transitionals 
transitional example
transitional tools
transitionals subsistence
transitionals fire
transitionals cannibalism
neandertal traits
neandertal tools
mousterian=europe, middle stone age=africa 
AMH traits
AMH tools

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