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Can you name the television shows by other characters the actors played?

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DescriptionTV Show
MacGyver, Dr. Helen Magnus, and Hawkman form a team to explore alien worlds
Collette Stenger reluctantly allows Malcolm Reynolds to observe her work
When aliens invade earth, it's up to Juliet Burke and Tom Baldwin to stop them
Kevin Debreno is chosen for a top secret time travel experiment
Eric Taylor gets tomorrow's newspaper today
Secret Service agents Sara Collins and Owen Harper are relocated to South Dakota
Dan Cooper and Dr. Izzie Stevens are humanoid aliens hiding from the local sheriff
Detective Woody Hoyt accidentally discovers a way to travel to parallel universes
After a car accident, Patrick Maitland finds himself in a town full of genuises
Thomas Prescott wakes up from a coma with newfound psychic abilities
DescriptionTV Show
Terry Elliott travels through time, putting right what once went wrong
Rob Meltzer struggles to decide between his alien heritage and the humans that raised him
Jimmy Savage agrees to be a guinea pig for The Agency
When everyone in the world sees their future, Teddy Wong sees nothing
US Marshall Kate Harper struggles to balance her hectic home life with her work
Lt. Annalisa Lindstrom and Det. Jack Pogue investigate unsolved crimes
Lincoln Burrows seems to know everything, except who he is
Nick Paine pretends to be a psychic, much to the chagrin of his friend Charlie Young
Jake Silver gets fired when he saves the life of a patient, and a rich hospital benefactor dies

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