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Can you name the Processes of Immune Modulation by Pathogenic Bacteria?

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Mechanism of ActionBacterial Effector ProteinHint
Dephosphorylates MAPKShigella
Inhibits NFkB activation complexSalmonella
Prevents actin polymerization Vibrio Cholerae/A Hydrophila
Inhibits MyD88Vaccinia
Cleaves p65 + p55EPEC/EHEC
Deubiquitinylates TRAF ProteinsYersinia Pestis/EPEC/EHEC
Promotes NFkB activationEPEC/EHEC
Mechanism of ActionBacterial Effector ProteinHint
Inhibits TAK1Yersinia Pestis
Inhibits MAPK activationBacillum Anthrasis
Induces IL-10Which bacterium?
Reduces TRAF2 polyubiquitinylation by GlcNAc transferase activityEPEC/EHEC
Activates GTPases to activate NFkBSalmonella
Recruits SHP-1 to TRAF6, inhibitsVia ITIM domains

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