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Can you name the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare A-Z?

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AClass of weapons that contain; M4A1 and AK-47's
BLocation in MW3 in the mission 'Scorched Earth'
CLethal Equiptment stuck in the ground
DWhat the button says in the Museum
ETier 3 perk where you can run longer
FPrologue mission of Modern Warfare
GPopular main character in MW2 who wears a ghost mask
HAttachment which senses nearby hostiles
IProduction company that made the MW series
JMain protagonist who survived all 3 MW games.
KLeader of the Russian Loyalists
LRussian forces that are against the Ultranationalists
MAssault rifle used mainly in Modern Warfare
NPrice and Soap's pilot
OMap from DLC Pack 2 based in a construction sight
PFirst rank that is in Survival mode and MP
QTier 2 perk enabling to draw your weapons quickly
RProtective equiptment using a shield
SThis person betrayed Soap and Price
TThe members in this are; Soap, Pro=ice, Ghost and Roach
UShotgun used by Suicide Bombers in survival mode
VRussian President
WCamo type on MP (Elite Only)
XGrenade launcher used in the mission 'Flood the Market'
YEx-Spetznaz that worked for Makarov
ZMain Protagonist of Modern Warfare

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