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the time period of 1450 - 1750 (it is called this because events occurring in this time directly shape regional/political units of todays world)
the church's actions to revive their reputation and membership roles in 1545
a religious order converting people to return to the church (went to Asia + Americas in 1500's)
This was the revolution as a result of whether the sovereignty would remain with the king or with the Parliament.
a new vision of science developed during the renaissance in the 17th + 18th century
Scholars based their inquiry on the principles established by the church, which sometimes resulted in clases between science and religion
discovered the basic principles of motion + gravity, where he captured the vision of a entire universe in simple laws
interest in the capabilities and accomplishments of individuals
a German goldsmith and printer, who created the printing press, in 1454
a Renaissance writer who wrote, 'The Prince' which was a famous philosophical view of the ideal political leader in the 16th century, in Italian city states
a religious movement of the 16th century that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in the creation of Protestant churches
A form of Christianity established by Henry VIII that was not decided on the grounds of religious belief, but because the pope would not allow him to divorce his wife.
The granting of tolerance to Protestants through this, which was later revoked by King Louis XIV
God built the universe and let it run. Clockmaker theory.
A heightened intellectual and artistic advance from about 1450s, that changed Europe forever
the emphasis on human abilities and accomplishments and the importance of independent and rational thought
an economic system based on private ownership of property and business that provide goods to be bough and sold in a free manner
the responsibility of government to promote the states economy to improve the revenues and limit imports to prevent profits from going to outsiders (allows industry to develop thei
led expiditions in Chinese junks across the atlantic ocean, with one goal being to assert Chinas power after the demise of the Yuan dynasty.
a new ship developed by the portuguese, which was much smaller than the junk, but size allowed for exploration of shallower coastal areas
set out to find the tip of Africa and connect it to the Indian Ocean, and discovered the fastest and safest ways to travel to Portugal
had a ship that was first to circumnavigate the globe, even though Magellan himself died in the phillipines
went to search for gold and convert the natives to Christianity in the interior of Mexico
peoples who converted new world people to christianity, and took care of the poor.
Spanish settlers who were in charge of the natives working on the encomiendas
composed of European and African children, also part of the castas
the global diffusion of crops, other plants, human beings, animals, and distance that took place after the European exploring voyages of the New World
the first leg of the atlantic circuit, where ships took slaves to the new world
Checked the military power of the sultan, being an elite military group
the ritual suicide of widows by jumping into their husbands pyres, representing the low status of women

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