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Who is the Ottoman sultan; built a private, professional army; fomented revolution of Janissaries and crushed them with private army; destroyed power of Janissaries and their relig
What is the series of reforms in the Ottoman Empire between 1839 and 1876; established Western-style universities, state postal system, railways, extensive legal reforms; resulted
Who is the disciple of Al Afghani; Muslim thinker at the end of the 19th century; stressed need for adoption of Western scientific learning and technology, recognized importance of
What is the Machu dynasty that seized control of China in mid- 17th century after decline of Ming; forced submission of nomadic peoples far to the west and compelled tribute from V
Who took over Egypt after French invasion, based military on western technology (conscription, navy), improved economy (public works, increased production of cotton, hemp, indigo)?
What is the wealthy new group of Chinese merchants under the Qing dynasty; specialized in the import-export trade on China's south coast; one of the major links between China and t
What are the wars fought between the British and Qing China beginning in 1839; fought to protect British trade in Opium; resulted in responding British victory, opening of Hong Kon
What rebellion broke out in south china in the 1850s and early 1860s; led by Hong Xiuquan, a semi-christianized prophet; sought to overthrow qing dynasty and confucian basis of sch
What is the popular outburst in 1898 aimed at expelling foreigners from china; failed because of intervention of armies of western powers in china; defeat of Chinese enhanced contr
Who was the last emperor of China; deposed as emperor while stilla small boy in 1912?
What were the eight armies of the Manchu tribes identified by separate flags; created by Nurhaci in the early 17th century; utilized to defeat Ming emperor and established Qing dyn
Who is Confucian scholar and Manchu emperor of Qing dynasty from 1661 to 1722; established high degree of Significance among the Manchus?
What was Late 19th century movement in China to counter the challenge from the West; led by provincial leaders?
Who was Head of Revolutionary Alliance organization that led 1911 revolt against Qing dynasty in China; briefly elected president in 1911, but yielded in favor of Yuan Shikai in 19
Wealthy landed elite that emerged in the early decades of Abbasid rule
What communities became more dependent on commercial dealings w European counterparts
The Ottoman’s weakness in the early 18th century was emphasized by their efforts to form alliances with this group.
By 1830 which group gained independence from the Ottomans after a large revolt
The ottomans suffered 2 centuries of
Sultan who ruled Ottoman empire from 1789 to 1807. He aimed at building a new army and navy
Ottoman sultan who built a private and professional army, and completely crushed the Janissaries.
Who was at the top of the Ottoman imperial system
The Ottoman’s survival in the 19th century depended mostly on
Reforms did what among the ruling elite
Series of reforms in Ottoman empire between 1839 and 1876 that established many intellectual and architectural advancements.
Ottoman sultan who attempted to return to despotic absolutism
What was Sudan’s reaction to Egypt’s effort to conquer and rule their land
Invention introduced to Ottoman empire in 18th century
(Believers) Group of people that believed women were equal to men. They banned slavery, footbinding, and concubinage.
Manchus kept this old system during Qing Dynasty (and also had their sons educated in Chinese classics)
Manchu ruler who was a great Confucian scholar and created a great encyclopedia with other scholars.
This scholar's writings continued to dominate values in social hierarchy (ex: old over young, men over women) during Qing Dynasty
The leader of the Taiping rebellion and he attacked traditional confucian teachings of the Chinese elite
The conservative dowager empress who dominated the last decades of the Qing dynasty and supported the boxer rebellion
In Sufi belief system it means a promised deliverer, and it was the name given to Muhammad Ahmad
Built in 1869, this connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas
Khartoum was a river town that was the administrative center of Egyptian authority in ____?
The person responsible for the creation of the banner armies in the Manchu tribes, which were used to defeat the Ming and establish the Qing dynasty

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