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QUIZ: Can you name the terms from the American South?

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Anyone from the North, not just a ballplayer from New York:
How to address more than one person in the South:
At the grocery, don't use a cart, but this 'B' word instead:
Nashville is home to this style of music, associated with the South:
If you hear this instrument, originally from Africa, paddle faster:
Confederate battle cry, or a Billy Idol song:
Tea in the South is often iced and usually:
You must do this to an ear of corn before you eat it:
Southern breakfast staple, made from ground corn:
Homemade corn liquor, George Jones sang about it:
Racing group with roots in corn liquor smuggling:
Pork lard used in southern vegetable dishes:
Leaf-eating beetle named for month in which it thrives:
Cotton-eating beetle with monument in Enterprise, Alabama:
The Land of Cotton, old times there are not forgotten:

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