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land bridge from Africa to Americas
religious conflicts over christianity in middle ages
legal system employed by Spanish to regulate natives labor and autonomy
system for goods traded between americas and europe when first discovered
christians believe grace/faith can save them from sin, John Calvin and Martin Luther
one of the first colonies, North Carolina, disappeared
spanish fleet in 1588
1607 settlement in Colony of Virginia
early settlers of Plymouth, fled the political environment in England to seek religious freedom, church of england could be saved
settled in New England, believed Church had become a product of political struggles, man made doctrines and was beyond reform and escaped persecution by coming to America
first governing documents of Plymouth
only british ships import and export america
reenergize religion
old classical views
colonies granted to individuals rather than crown or company
colonies send over raw goods, mother country sends back manufactured
journey made by slaves across atlantic
prepping slaves for slave life
loans to come to America, find work to pay it off
three fifths of slaves counted for representation

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