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QuestionAnswerSome answers are last names.
The first monster of the species.A
The Impala's nickname.B
''Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his...''C
How to trap a demon (usually made with spray paint)D
The language of the angels.E
Recurring character in season 7. Bobby saved his life.F
Hunter that gets drunk off of one beer. (sidekick is Mr. Fizzles)G
Last name of Jo and Ellen.H
How Bobby says idiots.I
Former sheriff turned hunter.J
Prophet of the lord made to read the demon tablet.K
The creatures Cas let out of purgatory.L
Crowley's nickname for Sam.M
QuestionAnswerSome answers are last names.
The angel that brainwashed Cas.N
Monster hunted by Bobby and Rufus that preys on lone women.O
This monsters' ashes are needed to kill Eve.P
''... your whining.'' Said by Bobby to Sam and Dean many times.Q
Hunter friend of Bobby's.R
Sam and Dean's grandfather's name.S
Last name of BelaT
''The funniest angel in the garrison.''U
''Good morning...''V
Sam and Dean's last name.W
Dean makes a reference to which show when he says '' So Scully... what do you think?''X
Episode where Dean gets a ghost sickness.Y
Angel that tries to convince Dean to say yes to Michael.Z

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