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Can you name these English words borrowed from indigenous languages of the Americas?

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a pirate who plunders foreign ships
a suspended, swinging bed made of fabric or netting
a body of water that flows slowly through marshy land
an omnivorous mammal with a black mask and a ringed, bushy tail
a temperate grassland containing shrubs and scattered trees
a black-and-white creature that can spray a strong, unpleasant odor when threatened
a person who eats the flesh of other humans
a gourd cultivated as a vegetable or used for ornamentation
meat that has been cut into long strips and dried
a forest-dwelling ungulate known by its large, palmate antlers
a food prepared from ground roasted cacao beans
a powerful and destructive storm characterized by strong winds
a large, migratory deer that lives on the tundra and travels in herds
slang for inferior or illicit alcohol, particularly whisky
a starchy, edible tuber grown from the perennial nightshade
a long narrow boat moved by a paddle with two blades
a small fish with sharp teeth that eats the flesh of animals
a communal feast to which attendees bring food to share
a pear-shaped fruit with a large seed and oily green flesh
a nocturnal, arboreal marsupial with a grey-and-white coat
to broil or roast meat over hot coals or an open fire
a large, edible, burrowing clam native to the Pacific Northwest
a blanket-like garment with a hole in the middle for the head
a juicy fruit, usually red, that can be cooked or eaten raw

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