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Women that Gatsby is in love with.Scott Fitzgerald
A kinsman to the prince, and Romeo's close friend.William Shakespeare
Victor's childhood friend who helps Victor when he falls ill.Mary Shelley
Agent of the underground railroad that helps Sethe to freedom.Toni Morrison
Fearsome criminal that becomes Pip's secret benefactor.Charles Dickens
Schoolteacher who visits her sister and her sister's abusive husbandTennessee Williams
The black field hand accused of rape.Harper Lee
Respected by the entire jewish community and Eliezer's father.Elie Wiesel
Caesar's adopted son and appointed successor.William Shakespeare
The alpha lecturer at the college of Emotional Engineering and friend of Bernard.Aldous Huxley
Holden's popular roomate at Pencey Prep.J.D. Sallinger
A jealous suitor of Desdemona and a friend of Iago.William Shakespeare
The chief of the Inner Station and the object of Marlow's questJoseph Conrad
One of the sweet home slaves that dies during the escape plot.Toni Morrison
Professor of natural philosophy at Ingolstadt that dismisses Victor's inquiries about alchemy.Mary Shelley
Heir to the throne and eventual leader after Macbeth's demise.William Shakespeare
A poor student of philosophy that is wise beyond his years.Geoffrey Chaucer
A seamstress and an expert on marriage.Geoffrey Chaucer
The King of the Danes.Unkown
Odysseus' SonHomer

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