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The main character
Her age
Her only companion
Who is a
Who was tied up by
Who is the
Of this castle
Where Fiona wakes up after this type of accident
Which was caused by
Who is the clone of
Who created the maid named
Who was created through
And is called a
Which lack the essence of life called
Which is present inside of
Which she received from
Who left the castle to marry
Who were both visiting Fiona while she was in
Where Riccardo rammed their car into
So he could kidnap Fiona and, with her Azoth, be
Number of costumes Fiona can acquire
Number of costumes Hewie can acquire
Number of costumes the stalkers can acquire
One item Fiona can set on the ground
One item Fiona can throw
One item Fiona can distract enemies with
Jewelry that makes Fiona invisible
Jewelry that masks Fiona's Azoth
Clothing that quiets Fiona's footsteps
Necessary item that can be created in two colors
Necessary item in the Water Tower
Necessary item in the House of Truth
This item makes Hewie attack anyone
These create alchemic items
This plant-like creature comes in several colors
Fiona receives this key from Debilitas
What fresh flowers become after too long
Vegetable that lowers Hewie's stamina
Items that briefly makes Fiona deaf
Plate key that makes the golem dance

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