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 Which centre of education have students been occupying in protest for eight days?
 According to experts the length of a man's what can give clues as to his chances of developing prostate cancer?
 The EC has launched an investigation into which company after other search engines complained that the firm had abused its dominant position?
 On what date will Prince William marry Kate Middleton?
 The stars of which superhero-related musical were left dangling in the air during their debut performance on Broadway?
 The stars of which television programme are currently top of the UK top 40 singles chart?
 Ellie Goulding currently sings Your Song on which retail giant's Christmas advert?
 What was Michael Jackson's biggest-selling single in the UK?
 East Sussex fire service was called to a roadside fire last week involving a straw replica of which festive food?
 In the traditional Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas, there were five gold what?
 An American man has made it into the news for eating 20 of which vegetable each day for two months?
 A fruit company in Japan plays the music of which composer to its ripening bananas in the belief the music produces a sweeter product?
 A religious group is calling for Tesco to ban a calendar based on which set of films, saying it is 'sinful'?
 Which film has remained at the top of the UK box office for two weeks?
 Which controversial male singer went out of X Factor last Sunday?
 Which Weston-born actor appeared at the Axentis Michael Memorial Ball on Saturday?
 What is the capital of Luxembourg?
 Which group is a the top of the UK album chart?

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