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Portrayed ByCharacterDescription
Dominic WestHomicide detective with little respect for chain of command
Sonja SohnNarcotics detective and an open lesbian
Wendell PierceJimmy's partner in Homicide and drinking buddy
Idris ElbaAvon's right hand man
Larry Gilliard, Jr.Avon's nephew
Lance ReddickCommander of the Barksdale detail
Andre RoyoDrug addict and Greggs' informant
Clarke PetersResourceful Pawn-shop Unit detective assigned to the Barksdale detail
Deirdre LovejoyMajor Crimes Unit's courthouse liason, who's had a fling with McNulty
Wood HarrisHead of the Barksdale crime organisation
Seth GilliamInsubordinate Narcotics detective who eventually becomes ''real police''
Domenick LombardozziCarver's dim-witted partner in Narcotics
John DomanCommander of Homicide division, who holds a grudge against McNulty
Frankie FaisonDeputy Comissioner of the Baltimore Police Department
Michael K. WilliamsNotorious gay stick-up artist, who lives by a strict set of morals
J.D WilliamsBarksdale drug dealer who rises to the rank of lieutenant
Corey Parker RobinsonCompetent Major Crimes detective
Jim True-FrostIncompetent detective who eventually becomes a school teacher
Aiden GillenCity councilman, and later Mayor of Baltimore
Jamie HectorHead of the Stanfield crime organisation
Robert WisdomWestern district commander who legalises drugs in some areas
Amy RyanPatapsco officer and later McNulty's girlfriend
Chris BauerSecretary-treasurer for the IBS at the docks
Paul Ben-VictorThe Greek's right hand man
Robert F. ChewEast side drug kingpin
Portrayed ByCharacterDescription
Delaney WilliamsJovial Homicide squad commander
Chad ColemanReformed criminal who starts his own gym
Glynn TurmanCarcetti's predeccesor who is beaten by him in the election
Isiah Whitlock, Jr.Corrupt state senator with ties to drug trafficking
Tristan WildsYoung hopper who is taken under Marlo Stanfield's wing
Gbenga AkinnagbeRuthless Stanfield enforcer
Felicia PearsonFemale Stanfield enforcer
Clarke JohnsonCity Desk editor at The Baltimore Sun
Tom McCarthyBaltimore Sun reporter who wins a Pulitzer Prize by fabricating his stories
Michael KostroffCorrupt attorney and Avon Barksdale's lawyer
Reg E. CatheyCarcetti's deputy campaign manager
Neal HuffCarcetti's chief of staff
Hassan JohnsonBarksdale enforcer with an interest in fish
Pablo SchreiberFrank Sobotka's level-headed nephew
James RansoneFrank Sobotka's reckless son
Bill RaymondShadowy criminal figure, often seen in a cafe
Al BrownSouth-eastern district commander and Prez's father in law
Michael B. JordanStreet soldier with a conscience, who is killed by his friends
Tray ChaneyStreet soldier and close friend of Bodie's
Anwan GloverBarksdale enforcer turned top lieutenant for Prop Joe
Michelle ParessBaltimore Sun news desk reporter and Templeton's close friend
Method ManProposition Joe's crew chief and nephew
Jermaine CrawfordEdward Tilghman Middle pupil who lives in poverty due to abusive family
Julito McCullumWee Bey's son who is following in his father's footsteps
Maestro HarrellEdward Tilghman Middle pupil who lives with his foster mother

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