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Forced Order
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'You don't have long, I am on to you.'
'I wanna break the spell you've created.'
'And I'll burn your heart away.'
'And the truth's unwinding.'
'Make no mistakes.'
'Let your anger rise, and we'll fly.'
'Hellfire you're wiping me out.'
'Is this our last embrace?'
'I don't know if it's worth it anymore.'
'All your theories turn to dust.'
'I can see you're trapped in a maze.'
'Trouble will surround you.'
'Baby you're gonna lose your own game.'
'Shoot your leaders down.'
'But your empire is dissolving.'
'I'm sure I heard you sigh.'
'You won't pull ahead.'
'You trick your lovers that you're wicked and divine.'
'The time has come to make things right.'
'Swallowing me whole.'
'Last chance to lose control.'
'It's escaped your world.'
'Let the revolution take its toll.'
'Trying to devour my soul.'

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