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DefinitionWordFigure of Myth
an experienced or trusted advisorthe tutor of Odysseus' son, Telemachus
a continent in the northern hemispherenamed after one of the many young women carried off by Jupiter
a being with both male and female sex organsa son of the messenger god and the goddess of love
the first month of the yearthe god of beginnings and doors
relating to sexual desireAphrodite's son, the god of Love
a device used to aid in memorythe mother of the muses
something that guides in the solution of a problem or mysteryreferencing the ball of thread Theseus used as a guide from the Labyrinth
the agent of someone's downfallthe Greek goddess of divine retribution
DefinitionWordFigure of Myth
a conical mountain with a crater or vent from which hot vapor/rocks have eruptedthe Roman god of fire
a state of consciousness in which a person loses the power of voluntary actionthe Greek personification of sleep
a picture or design made up of many colored tilesthe Greek goddesses who inspire arts and sciences
an extreme or irrational fearson of Mars; god of fear
the sea between Greece and Turkeyfather of Theseus who killed himself from greif
the fourth day of the work-weekthe Norse god of thunder
too difficult to completethe Greek whose punishment was to push a rock up a hill forever

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