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Can you name the Mythological Figures by Association?

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FigureOther FigureHint
DeadalusFlew too high
PegasusKilled the chimera
JasonCooked up her children to punish her husband
EchoFell in love with his own reflection
PerseusDon't look her in the eyes!
CastorBrotherly love at its finest
OrpheusA snake ruined her wedding day
FigureOther FigureHint
CupidThe true love of the god of love
UranusHis wife; she personifies earth
TheseusAte little children in the labyrinth
AthenaWas turned into a spider for being a snob
ActaeonShe punished him for seeing her naked
OdysseusOutwitted and blinded by the hero
HectorKilled him and dragged him around to rub it in

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