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Latin wordWordDefinition
currerea body of water or air moving in a definite direction
laudaredeserving of praise
voxrelating to the human voice
irafeeling great anger
patriahaving devotion for one's country
amicushaving a spirit of friendliness
virhaving strength and energy (of a man)
puerchildishly silly or trivial
donaresomething that is given to a charity
periculumserious and imminent danger
Latin wordWordDefinition
esseabsolutely necessary; extremely important
animusstrong hostility
culparedeserving blame
libera building or room containing collections of books
corpusrelating to the human body
audereshowing a willingness to take bold risks
fratera group of people sharing a common profession or interest
scriberesacred writings
traherea powerful motor vehicle used chiefly for hauling
neuternot helping or supporting either of two sides

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