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Can you name the Friday Night Lights (TV) things?

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Coach Taylor's dream job
Landry's speed metal band
Louisiana QB who played 1 game for Panthers
Dillon radio host
A favorite restaraunt for citizens of Dillon
The Song Saracen sings to calm his grandma down
Dillon's Best Booster
Football coach; made a cameo in the first episode as a booster
Billy Riggins' strip club of choice
Coach Taylor's volunteer assistant at East Dillon
Trick play the Panthers used to win the State Title
Street's favorite burger; first endorsement
Smash commited to _____ after TMU revoked their scholarship offer
Billy's fiance
Basketball Coach; cameo as a TMU recruiter
What does Buddy want Principal Taylor to put his donation towards in Season 2?
Following Coach McGill's heart attack, he takes over as offensive coordinator
Starr Panthers running back who is forced to go to East Dillon
Tyra's rodeo cowboy
They do the FNL theme song
Location of State (Season 1)

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