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Description of FateCharacter
Makes it back from the Labrynth, but has to drop the girl off. Neglecting to change the color of his sails results in tragedy:
Returns home from the war victorious, but then gets killed by his wife and her lover. Is avenged by two of his children:
Makes it through all 12 of his acts of penance, ends up killing himself, and is made a god:
Falls in love with a guy. Unfortunately, the guy is already in love with his reflection. At least she has a natural phenomenon named after her:
Finally makes it home after 20 years. Kills the 108 guys who were hitting on his wife and restores order to his island:
Goes back to Sparta with her husband after ten years living with another man:
Makes it back aboard the Argo and all is well. Then his scorned wife ruins everything:
Blinds himself upon realizing all the prophecies were true, and though he continues to rule Thebes for some time, his children make a mess out of deciding who will get the kingdom:
Returns from a voyage on the Argo, but has to go to the underworld to try and reclaim his wife from Hades:
Becomes the greatest hero of the trojan war just like he wanted, but dies when a prince of Troy shoots him in the heel:
Aphrodite screws him over when he chooses a married woman; starts a war just to keep her:
Kills the monster, saves and marries the girl, everything works out for once (yay):

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