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QUIZ: Can you name the real-life cases that inspired these Law & Order SVU episodes based on the descriptions?

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'Sick', from season five, was inspired by this pop star's 2003 child molestation trial and included evidence not submitted to the actual trial.
'Lessons Learned' featured a child sex abuse scandal modeled after the one at this university which landed Jerry Sandusky in prison.
The season twelve premiere 'Locum' was inspired by this girl, who was kidnapped in 1991 by a registered sex offender and his wife and held for eighteen years.
The episode 'Head' was inspired by a sex offender who had this in his brain until it was removed, stopping his inappropriate sexual advances.
Dave Duerson, a football player on these teams, was the inspiration for a character in 'Spiraling Down' who also committed suicide as a result of his head trauma known as CTE.
The son of the NYPD chief Raymond Kelly, Greg, was accused of rape in 2012. He was the host of Good Day New York on the local affiliate of this big name news channel.
The highly publicized beating of this Barbadian pop star by her boyfriend Chris Brown before the 2009 Grammy Awards was the subject of 'Funny Valentine'.
Inspired by the 'kids for cash' scandal in this state, the episode 'Crush' featured a plotline involving a judge receiving kickbacks for imposing harsh penalties on juveniles.
The season ten episode 'Baggage' featured a young mother inspired by this Florida woman who was accused of killing her young daughter to maintain her party lifestyle.
An Italian diplomat arrested after a hotel maid claims he sexually assaulted her was the featured case in the season eleven premiere and was inspired by this IMF leader.
The season fifteen episode 'American Tragedy' was based on a celebrity chef modeled after this woman shooting an unarmed black teenager based on Trayvon Martin.
Crime DescriptionMissing Fact
'Rescue' was in part based on a 2010 scandal at this North Carolina university where student Karen Owen wrote a faux sex thesis rating her partners over the years.
In the season seventeen premiere crossover episode with Chicago P.D., this Long Island serial killer serves as the basis for character Dr. Gregory Yates.
The season four episode 'Soulless' featured a juvenile murder inspired by Jesse Pomeroy, who was how many years old when he committed first degree murder?
'Identity' was inspired by David Reimer, a Canadian born as a boy but raised as a girl after this kind of surgery performed on a male sex organ was botched.
Fundamentalist Fred Phelps and this group of his were the inspiration for this episode featuring a murdered homosexual poster boy.
With a rape case in the U.S. Navy occurs in 'Goliath', the detectives believe that were under the influence of a drug like Mefloquine, which treats which disease?
The season fourteen episode 'Twenty-Five Acts' had a plot with references to the E.L. James erotic novel of this name.
'Hunting Ground' featured a killer inspired by both serial killer Robert Hanson and a serial murderer from this area of New York.
The episode 'Torch' featured the story of Cameron Todd Willingham, a Texas man who set fire to his home, the investigation into which was reportedly impeded by this governor.
This California governor and actor was the subject of a sex scandal with his children's nanny and the episode 'Blood Brothers'.
A legal expert in 'Vanity's Bonfire' was modeled after this 2004 and 2008 presidential candidate whose cancer-striken wife Elizabeth and mistress Rielle Hunter were also portrayed.

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