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The world need a lot of changing and there are some mean people out there. But Michael's daring you to slap his face, cause he's out to change the world.Bad
There's a really strong force out there, and Michael's not sure if you want to keep on. But at the same time, he doesn't want to stop.Off the Wall
Who is this kid? He has my eyes, but I forgot that we had danced on the floor in the round.Thriller
Michael's got his eye on this high heeled wearing girl, and he wants her to be his girl. Go on!Bad
If you're thinking about being his baby, it doesn't matter what race you are. After all, he's not going to spend his life being a color.Dangerous
It's close to midnight, and certain evils are lurking. But Michael will keep you safe. That is, as long as the zombies don't get him first...Thriller
You're in a dangerous situation. You've gotten tangled with some bad guys, but this isn't a game. We suggest that you simply...Thriller
Such a sweet romance; talking til three in the morning, walking in the rain in Spain. What happened? Michael will never forget what you both did.Dangerous
Let the rhythym get into you, and groove all through the night. Feel that beat, and the two of you will boogie til the sun rises. Off the Wall
Annie, are you okay? We thought we heard someone break into your house and break some glass. Then they attacked you in the bedroom. We hope everything's alright.Bad
They're tired of injustice and the scheme. The media is selling out souls but they care about theirs. So what does it mean?HIStory: Past, Present, and Future Book I
Susie has your number, got your baby, and said it's right. On top of that, she's been bleeding all over the club.Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory In the Mix
Girl, you came and changed Michael's world. Everything he owns he gives, and he wonders how he got the fairest love to call his...Maybe you can answer that.Invincible
Michael really thinks you're the best. His heart starts to flutter and angels sing whenever he sees you. He wants you in his life forever.Bad
What about elephants, the world, the common man, babies, disease...Do we give a darn?HIStory: Past, Present, and Future Book I
All you've got to do is not answer his calls when he's trying to get through to you. But everytime he sees you, he feels like he has wings.Invincible
Whisper three words, and Michael will come running. He's always on standby, listening to that voice in his ear. He just wants to say that you're never by yourself. Not in a creepy HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, Book I
This girl has some issues, as she keeps following Michael and stealing the phone from him to lie to his girl. She's quite a creep.Bad
Michael is really devoted to you. He'll sail the seven seas to get back to you and try your love again.Number Ones
This little rat needs a friend. And Michael needs a little rat. The two of them really get each other. Ben

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