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I'm love Janet's 80s haircut. The fact she's dancing in an abandoned garage is even cooler.Control
That's weird...the movie's rated A&M. Who knew that the people on screen have the same dance routine that Janet does down?Control
I may be seeing things, but those really DO look like her parents. They won't even let her move out, even when she does a mean live performance.Control
What's that old man's problem? He looks like a fool, since he's the only one not participating in the coreography.Control
I'm digging the black and white...and the matching military uniforms just add to the whole effect. Rhythm Nation 1814
Who knew you could dance with a chair so effectively? And the fact that everyone knows how to do it is just not fair.Rhythm Nation 1814
We've got half naked male dancers in the middle of a desert...hey, how'd the moon get there?Rhythm Nation 1814
Ah, that Cab Calloway. Seems like the only way a homeless Janet can get his attention is by wearing a suit.Rhythm Nation 1814
Looks like Janet didn't get the memo about the dress code...and someone get that man in the monkey mask out of there. He's creeping me out.Rhythm Nation 1814
Fine, I'll play the tape, Boo, as long as you quit interrupting me and put it in. Side A.Janet.
Looks like you'll need a bit of English to get to see Janet seductively dance in Asia. Good luck with that one.Janet.
What's with the hair? And why is Joni Mitchell randomly on television in the background? The Velvet Rope
Those are some really well trained animals. And some well trained dancers.The Velvet Rope
I guess we're back to the whole suit thing...and how'd she fit into that car seat? The Velvet Rope
Nice crib, Janet. I like your dog...and that tilty platform thing you're dancing on.All for You
What's the deal with the world? It's flat, but you can still ride in a train? And where did those dancers come from?All for You
The power's out, but we still manage to fire up the giant sound system and preform a high powered dance routine.Damita Jo
That's one spiffy door you have there...just don't accidently get sand in your enormously long fingernails. Hey, Nelly!20 Y.O.
Not only are we dancing on top of a giant glass of milk, we can planet hop. Life is good.Discipline
Nice costume changes....just don't impale yourself on the giant spikes that randomly come out of the walls.Number Ones
Anybody else think singing about sex while in front of a picture of you and your dad is a little creepy? J. Cole doesn't, apparently.Unbreakable

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