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What does Phoebe say that Ross is to Rachel when they kiss in the 'Prom' episode?
Who was Monica's first kiss?
Where does Joey first meet Mike?
What was Mike's job before deciding to play piano?
What were Rachel's sisters names?
What is Rachel's biggest phobia?
What question do Monica and Rachel lose their appartment to?
Who is the only woman that joey claims to have loved?
When does Rachel break up with Tag?
What is Chandlers hidden talent that he uses to help Joey?
What does Phoebe change her name to?
What baloon broke loose from the Macy's Day Paraide on the first Friends thanksgiving?
What is the last shot of in the last episode ever?
What is the name of the character that Brad Pitt plays?
What song does Ross attempt to play on the bagpipes for Chandler and Monica's Wedding?

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