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ClueKey Term
The EPA sets a____ ____ specifying the amount of toxic pesticide residue that can legally remain on the crop when the consumer eats it.
Book by Rachel Carson which warned of the dangers of DDT.
The point at which the economic losses caused by pest damage outweigh the cost of applying pesticide.
Pays farmers for losses caused by pests.
Extra pesticides are used because consumers often buy the best-looking products.
Examples are: rotating crop types, adjusting planting times, growing crops where major pests dont exist
___ can be used to speed up the development of pest- and disease-resistant crop strains.
Involves importing naturaal predators to help regulate pest populations
ClueKey Term
One way to control pests is to expose foods to high-energy _____
Extends food shelf life and kills insects and parasite worms
An increasing number of experts believe the best way to control crop pests is____ (IPM)
IPM is an important form of ___ ___
Some consumers refuse to eat irradiated food because they fear it is ___
Involves raising males of insect pest species in labs and sterilizing them by exposure to radiation or chemicals
Biological control focuses on selected target species and minimizes ____

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