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An assembly of bishops from all over the world 
Return to the sources 
Any type of birth control 
faith alone 
scripture alone 
Jesus gives secret teachings, Jesus not really human, matter is evil, no resurrection, competing principles of good and evil. 
Jesus is God's greatest creature but not divine 
Jesus is both a human person and divine person; Mary is NOT the mother of God 
Jesus' divine nature absorbs his human nature (like a drop of honey into the water of the sea) Jesus has only one nature 
The church cannot forgive and accept back into the community serious sinners. The grace of the sacrament depends on the holiness of the priest. 
No original sin or grace. People can save themselves through their own efforts 
Jesus is the son of God (same) 
Jesus is NOT the same as God 
Name of Muhammad's god 
Another name given to stained glass windows because they depicted Bible stories for the Christians that could not read 
The practice where a high ranking lay person, ex. emperor or lord, could appoint abbots or bishops 
the movement begun in 1232 meant to stamp out heresy by putting heretics on trial 
the act of buying or selling ecclesiastical offices (such as bishop) 
group of bishops who would meet to elect the pope by a 2/3 vote 
period in history when holy images were seen as idolatry and therefore destroyed 
pope who formally initiated the Papal Inquisition 
name of Islamic scriptures 
heretics who saw all material things as evil, heretics who spurred the inquisition 
pope who crowned Charlemagne in the year 800 
one of the 5 pillars of Islam 
architectural device that helped balance and support the weight of tall structures (seen in gothic cathedrals) 
the byzantines asked for help from this pope when they were under Muslim attack, so he launched the Crusades 
founder of the Franciscan order 
title given by Muslims to those who refused to convert to Uslam 
pope who excommunicated a German emperor because he believed the church should be free from secular control 
many medieval towns began to construct these great structures at their center 
type of cathedral with tall slim towers, pointed arches, and tall stained glass windows 
the remission of temporal punishment due to sin (punishment in the afterlife) granted by the church 
agreement in 1122 when the pope and emperor decided that all bishops would be elected by the church and not the state 
name means charles the great 
type of cathedral that is more horizontal and solid in appearance, used massive pillars and rounded arches 
the period of history from 1000-1300 
name for the spiritual leader of the eastern Christians, considered second to the pope 
pope at the time of the fourth crusade which attacked Constantinople 
day when Charlemagne was crowned 
city of Muhammad's birth 
word comes from 'crux' or cross 
name for the rich Roman families fighting over the papacy 

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