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Forced Order
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What name will transform Undertale into hard mode?
What is the 'true name'?
What name gives you the message 'nope.'?
What name is 'very clean'?
What name is 'not very creative'?
Which two names are 'a little on the nose'?
What name did someone 'already choose'?
What name will they 'ALLOW!!'?
What name will give you the message that you should 'think of your own name'?
What name gives you the message 'hOI!'
Which name gives you the message 'you cannot.'?
Which name gives you the message '...'
Which character thinks you should 'get your own name!!'?
'D-don't do' this name.
Which name promotes a brand?
What name gives you the message 'Wa ha ha! Why not?'
Which is 'my name!'
Which name is 'like, ok, I guess,'?
Which name is 'uh...ok?'
Which name is 'really scraping the bottom of the barrel'?
Which name is 'Jerry.' (This is a hard question)
Which name is powerless to stop?
Is this name correct? ;)
Which name brings you back to the intro video?

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