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Can you name the do you know 5sos?

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Who is the lead singer?
When is his birthday?
How many members are in the band?
What are their fans called?
Who is the bassist?
When is his birthday?
Who was the first band they toured with?
When is the band's birthday?
Who is the lead guitarist?
When is his birthday?
What is the name of their tour bus?
What is their dog's name?
Who is the drummer?
When is his birthday?
Who was the last person to job?
What is their latest album called?
Which is afraid of needles?
Who's sister auditioned for the voice?
Finish the lyrics: We won't till we say it's over...
Which 1D member discovered them first?
Who is their biggest fan?
Finish: Let's play Titanic, you be...

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