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DefinitionKey Term
Economic and political system in which things are distributed equally and ownership is shared by the community
Poem written on the base of the Statue of Liberty
Survival of the fittest applied to every day circumstances in society
19th century idea that US had the right to expand throughout the American continent and beyond
Founder and Standard Oil and one of the richest men in the world
'Science' of controlling genetics to 'better' the human race
First national labor union established in the US
Political ideology that pushes for the abolition of the government
Developed the use of the assembly line in manufacturing
Founder of the largest steel company in the world and at one time the richest man in the world
DefinitionKey Term
Journalists who pointed out and focused on the things that were wrong with society
Economic and political system in which profit is the main goal
Clothing factory that burned down in New York in 1911, causing a surge in the labor movement
First law ever passed in the US that made it illegal for a specific race/nationality to immigrate to the US
Movement from rural areas to cities
People who fought against the right of women to vote
3 'Titans' of the Industrial Revolution
The movement of jobs from farms to factories caused this
Labor union also called the 'Wobblies'
This labor leader and folk singer was given the death penalty in Utah after being accused of killing a grocer

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