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What system houses the epidermal and dermal regions, cutaneous sense organs and glands?
What protects deeper organs from mechanical, chemical and bacterial injury? What aids in regulation of body temperature?
What system supports & protects internal organs, provides levers for muscular action and houses cavities to provide a site for blood cell formation
What system provides a primary function of contracting and shortening, locomotion,grasping and manipulation of the environment, along with facial expressions?
What are some of the major organs that make up the nervous system?
What is the last organ in the nervous system that wasn't previously listed?
This system provides germ cells for perpetuation of the species?
What is one of the 5 organs that make up the skeletal system?
What is another one of the 5 organs that make up the skeletal system?
True or false: Tendons & ligaments are organs of the skeletal system?
What system allows the body to detect changes in its internal and external enviornment and to respond to such information by activating appropriate muscles or glads?
The pituitary, thymus, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal & pineal glands, along with the ovaries, testes and pancreas are parts of what system?
What system provides a transport system that carries blood containing oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, wastes, ions, hormones and other substances to and from tissue cells where
The Immune system is scientifically referred to as the ____________ system?
True or False? The male ENDOCRINE organs are the testes, prostate glands, penis and duct system?
Female organs for reproduction are the ovaries, bladder, uterus, breasts and veins, True or False?
The major organs of the digestive system are...(be specific)
The _____________ system houses the nasal passages, pharynx, larynx, tracea, bronchi and lungs
True or False: The ENDOCRINE system helps maintain body homeostasis, promotes growth and development, produces chemical 'messengers' (hormones) that travel in the blood to effect v
The heart, blood vessels and blood are a part of what system?
What system rids the body of nitrogen-containing waste (urea, uris acid, and ammonia) which result from the breakdown of proteins and nucleic acids by body cells?
What system keeps the blood continuously supplied with oxygen while removing carbon dioxide?
What system produces Vitamin D?
What system generates heat?
What system picks up fluid leaked from the body vessels and returns it to the blood, cleanses blood of pathogens and other debris and houses lymphocytes that act via the immune res
What system maintains water, electrolyte, and acid based balance of blood?
Antibodies and other protein molecules in the blood act to protect the body in the CARDIOVASCULAR system, True or False?
What is the biggest organ of the body?
Name the primary organs of the Urinary system (be specific)...
Some of the organs of the Lymphatic system are the lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes... (add more specific organs to the list)

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