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Forced Order
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Hard words make his head hurt.
It is implied that he is Nino's uncle.
Requires an Ocean Seal to promote.
Has a wife named Natalie.
The father of Roy.
Is assigned to protect two magic users throughout the game.
Loves money.
The only Pegasus Knight that can support with Eliwood.
Is afraid of men.
Will only join your army if you fight Linus before Lloyd.
Joins with a Killing Edge.
Blames himself for the death of his master.
Has a different attack animation than other members of his class.
Fights in Eubans' army, until you persuade him to join your own.
Father of Lilina.
Engaged to Harken.
The Black Fang's 'Angel of Death'.
Killed both of his parents.
Will only appear in Hector's Mode if Bartre is at least a level 5 Warrior.
The Red Cavalier.
The Black Fang's 'Hurricane'.
The mother of Clarine and Klein.
His hair completely covers his eyes.
Is mistaken for a woman.
Member of the Lorca Tribe.
A Paladin in both this game and Fire Emblem 6.
The only character you may use in the first chapter of Hector's mode, other than Hector.
Can't protect himself.
Loves Eliwood.
Son of Nergal.
Can't read.
Sent by Uther to protect Hector.
Can't marry Guy and Heath because she is an upper class noble.
The Mage General of Etruria.
Father of Sue.
Uses an alias.
Has a brother named Dan.
Gives your army a Goddess Icon many chapters before he joins.
Forgot to buy a sword...
Was raised in a convent.
Tries to kill Eliwood and fails.
Will only join your army if you fight Lloyd before Linus.
The fifth character to join your army.

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