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Can you name the Deaths in 'The 100'?

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Cause of DeathCharacterKilled by
Floated for TreasonJaha
Mercy-killed after burned by Acid FogClarke Griffin
Stabbed in Neck with knifeCharlotte
Jumped off cliffHerself
Stabbed in Neck with bulletBellamy Blake
Asphyxiation by towelJohn Murphy
Asphyxiation by plastic bag John Murphy
Shot in the back and headMarcus Kane
Fell off cliffNone
ShotAn unknown Guard
Stabbed (Mercy-killed)Clarke Griffin
Blood loss from arm being ripped offPauna
ChokeholdBellamy Blake
Exposed to RadiationBellamy Blake
Bone-Marrow HarvestThe Mountain Men
Cause of DeathCharacterKilled by
Shot in ChestClarke Griffin
Exposed to RadiationClarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake
Stabbed Multiple timesIce Nation Assassin.
Spear through chestLexa
Trikru village fireTrikru Villagers
Accidently ShotTitus
Suicide by slit throatsHimself
Executed by shot in the headPike
ShotMonty Green
Stabbed/Blood lossCarl Emerson
Injected by A.L.I.E 2.0Clarke Griffin
TerminatedClarke Griffin
StabbedOctavia Blake

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