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Forced Order
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the set of laws and regulations it enacts and enforces
the process by which individuals and groups try to influence or control the policies and actions of governments at local, state, national, and international levels
environmental laws and regulations that are designed, implemented, and enforced, and environmental programs that are funded by one or ore government agencies
individuals or groups contact legislators in person, or hire lobbyists (representatives) to do so, in order to persuade legislators to vote or act in their favor
a body of laws and treaties that broadly define what is acceptable environmental behavior for individuals, groups, businesses, and nations
lawsuits brought to settle disputes or damages between one party and another
the party that brings the charge
the party being charged
products, prices, and services are determined by the market and not the government
the price is made uo of the direct costs as well as the markup used for profit
government can use taxes to level the playing field due to unfair advantages
the government is the only power that can preserve common or open-access renewable resources
a party causes damage by deliberately acting in an unlawful or unreasonable matter
an assessment where an organization is observed to seek the minimum amount of environmental harm
a part of the world where people share common cultural beliefs
a constitution provides the basis of government authority and limits government power by mandating free elections and right of speech

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