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Forced Order
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Symbolic MeaningAnswer
a predatory person or nagging woman
wild, drunken party or rowdy celebration
a trusted counselor or guide
named after a winged horse which sprang from the blood of Medusa at her death
a very ugly or terrible person; especially a repulsive woman
of or having to dow ith sexual passion or love
mournful woman whose children were slain because of her bragging
Something that opens the door for bad occurences
the human sould, self, the mind
Large, grand, enormous; His body covers two acres
Symbolic MeaningAnswer
very strong or extraordinary power
today, one spot that is the most vulnerable
to treat rubber with sulfur to increase strength and elasticity
handsome young man; Aphrodite loved him
a song of joy; a ritual epithet of Apollo the healer
some creature of inspiration
a device used to aid memory
a person who continually predicts misfortune but often is not believed
marked by stately beauty
a governmetn by the wealthy

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