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to lift and transport
blatantly honest
up and down motion
a soft, muffled crackling
enlivened step
money from the government
to pursue
legal argument
not more
to tear or destroy
malleable dirt
abstaining from sex
discretion in practical affairs
expectation and desire
a red stone
comes out of a clam
bird that lays blue eggs
wipe your feet
deep red
white flower
red flower
Harry Potter's aunt
a winner
joyus song
a follower of jesus
a state of fog
after fire residue
device for lifting heavy objects
dense cotton fabric
an officer or commander
water flower
past tense of how one makes a hole
lowest denomination of US currency
what a president can veto
'by the the power of ____'
a marathon is 26.2
do you take thee...?
pet; stroke
godly messenger
a nun's house
not quite a street
the most possible
a boyfriend
sugar comes from this
eli whitney invented the ______ gin
ex-vice president
top shelves and under furniture usually are
oxidized metal
'My Name Is ____'
'____s of Hazzard'
current that causes a small whirlpool
can be found on a fish
who catches the fish
a determinator of magnitude
unit of measure
to put on
not well-shaven
neither win nor lose
stalks and kills animals
light-green stone
place to exercise
find one on a tree
sweet-smelling herb, sometimes used in tea
'runners take your ____'
a slight scratch
to bend down
what we do to words
one of these might sell cookies or popcorn
grants three wishes
green vine plant
very old tree sap
painting, music, sculpture, etc.
when the leaves change
inside a folder
small stream
'like taking _____ from a baby'
what a dog chases
luck, serendipidy
to throw or toss
a kind of soup
very steep drop
clear rock
how one made a sketch
before night
large group of trees
a red-haired, freckled person
mercy or compassion
a christmas plant with red berries
princess from Aladin
jousting weapon
'Steel ________s', with Julia Roberts
song or tune
what's common or typical
comes in a martini
white stone
found in a book
Poe's bird
sunshine comes in this form
to steal
herb used to flavor food
the state of car after a beach trip
'the ___ is the limit'
what lawyers do
not cloudy
become tired
last color of the rainbow

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